Technology Advisory Services (TAS)

InSolare offers Technology Advisory Services (TAS) to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the technology landscape and ensure that their renewable energy assets are optimized to their fullest potential. Our team of experts provides detailed analysis, assessment, and recommendations on the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices. Our goal is to help clients achieve maximum efficiency and profitability while minimizing risks and improving sustainability. With our TAS services, you can stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions that drive success.

Technology Roadmap

Stay updated to ever-changing technology trends for Module and Inverter

Example - Anti soiling coating, PID correction, Bi-facial, IV tracing etc

Develop an appropriate Matrix to evaluate

Build and maintain technology evaluation parameters for Module and Inverter

Refer international papers, reports, performance data on various makes

Adopt right technology

Selection and customization of technology for Client for higher IRR

Enhance, Optimize and Manage BOM for Module and Inverter

Sourcing and Procurement coordination

Arrange Vendor presentation and meeting

Participate in techno commercial negotiations

Visit to Vendor's manufacturing facilities

Stay Ahead of competition

Identify upcoming technologies in next 2-3 years

Drive Pilot implementation of future technology to produce data points for ROI calculations

Owners Engineer Service (OES) by InSolare

InSolare Energy offers Owners Engineer (OE) services to provide clients with expert technical support throughout the entire lifecycle of their renewable energy project. Our experienced team serves as an extension of the client's team, providing oversight and guidance throughout the design, construction, and operation phases. Our goal is to ensure that renewable energy assets are constructed and operated efficiently and effectively, maximizing energy production and minimizing risks. With our OE services, clients can be confident in the quality and success of their renewable energy projects.


Site Visit and survey report to be prepared based on visual observations only

Carry out irradiance mapping of the site locations using available irradiance databases. Reference modules and inverters or as suggested by the Client to be used for simulating the energy yields


Review and approval of all designs, project engineering and execution drawings

Review and approve - BOM and Datasheets of all componensts provided by EFC

Review and approve - Power Evacuation scheme prepared by EPC fo Ground Projects including TL route, Sub station bay

Review and approve - Project schedule prepared by EPC


Verification and vetting of vendor design drawings and quality manuals.

Factory visit and witness acceptance test of Major Components

Material Dispatch clearance (DCC) for all key components (after reviewing documents supplied by EPC contractors)

Raw Material Test Certification. Test reports etc


Review & Compliance of Manufacturing Quality Plan Template, Field Quality Plans for all major field actives

Review and tracking of Weekly MIS Reports covering current construction Status

Ensuring compliance of HSE/ESG/Safety standards implementation

Commissioning and Hand Over

Pro-Commissioning & Commission Check list & Performance Test Procedures for Solar PV Plant etc.

Review and Approve - Performance Test results

Hand over session with O&M team and Contractor

Tech Due Diligence Services (TDDS) by InSolare

InSolare Energy offers Technical Due Diligence Services (TDDS) to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of their renewable energy projects. Our experienced team provides in-depth analysis and assessment of a project's technical feasibility, performance, and risks. Our goal is to ensure that our clients make informed investment decisions by identifying potential issues and providing recommendations to mitigate risks. With our TDDS services, you can be confident in the technical feasibility and long-term success of your renewable energy project.

Technology Roadmap

Stay updated to ever-changing technology trends for Module and Inverter

Example - Anti soiling coating, PID correction, Bi-facial, IV tracing etc

Plant Design Quality Review

Review and provide observations on key technologies installed in the plants.

Review project design documents

Review of design documents with respect to IEC and other standards

Plant Construction Quality Review

Validate the plant construction against project design documents, suitabilty of the site with respect to shadowing conditions, soil condition

Assess the condition and suitabilty of all plant equipment,

Conduct a visual inspection of the site for any non-conformities / major defects with respect to standards and specication

Provide an overal assessment of plant safety and security aspects

Assessment of Operation and Maintenance

Service level agreement, including performance moniloring and reporting requirements

Completeness and effeciveness of services provided

Evaluation of scheduled preventive and unscheduled corrective maintenance plans

The assessment of operation and maintenance of the pants using data available from plant instruments, SCADA system and plant records

Risk Assignment

Technology and performance of ey equipment

Energy Yield Assessment — comparison of Actual ve Design data using panel degradation and defects

Operation & maintenance practices and cost; etc. and focus on high risk issues

Risk due to external factors

Special Tests

At Sit EL testing of Modules - Ident samples for On-Site EL Test and report

Thermography test and report

identify samples for Flash Test