Ground Mounted

- 100MW+ Installations across India
- Installations at all Major States across India
- Fixed Tilt, Seasonal Tilt, Single Axis Tracker experience
- Best Performing plants


- Installed More than 3MW+ Car Ports across India
- Carports up to 300-500 Car Capacity with Solar
- Aesthetic structure design
- Structure with FRP walkway for cleaning panels

Single Axis Tracker

- Advance System – Single Axis Tracking
- Flexible to challenging site contour and shape
- 32-bit micro Processor Precision tracker
- Hydraulic based Array Tracker and Linear Actuator based Row Tracker solution

Roof top

- Completed over 200+ rooftop solar projects
- Installations at all Major States across India
- Industrial, Residential, Commercial sectors
- Advanced Panel Level Monitoring solutions

Stand Alone Street Lights

- Installed 10000+ Street Lights
- LED Light with an integrated Lithium Battery solution
- Dusk-Dawn Automatic control
- Auto-Dimming with MPPT Charge controller

Micro Grid Projects

- Powering remote communities without Power Grid
- Central area for Solar Power System
- Powering Street Lights and common utilities